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Digital Light Processing televisions (DLP) are large and complex pieces of electronic equipment. If something should go wrong with your DLP television, you need an expert in DLP television repair.

Las Vegas TV Repair can offer you the expert knowledge and service you need to service and repair your DLP television.

Las Vegas TV Repair television repair technicians are factory trained in the latest DLP television technology and can offer you quick and efficient service to get your DLP television in proper working order once more.

Our Las Vegas technicians can come directly to you. Las Vegas TV Repair offers professional and courteous DLP television repair and service throughout Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

Our technicians have the ability to call each TV manufacturer's technical support team to resolve any difficult repair issues. Call now for TV service in Las Vegas (702) 706-1600.

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TV Repair Tip

Philips LCD TV Repair Tip

Philips TV screen repair- Sound comes but no pictures It is a common phenomenon to have a "no picture but sound" problem on Philips TV screen.

This problem can occur from several factors; however there are different LCD TV repair approaches to the problem